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How Do I Get Rid of Termites?

What You Need to Know

Advanced Building Inspections Takes a Closer Look

Are you thinking of buying a home? Or are you a seller that is looking to find problem areas before a home inspector does?

No matter what your current situation is, you may be in the position of needing to know the condition of your house. And one of the mosr common problems that lurks around homes-especially homes that are a few years old-is termite damage.

How Do I Get Rid of Termites?

What are Termites, Anyway?

The termite family consists of several million very busy termites and they work in an organized way and feed on cellulose; cellulose that causes their large family to grow even more.

Most termites are small and are soft and light in color. They have often been referred to as looking like small pieces of rice. Every day termites seek and find food, take care of their ever-growing nest and take care of the Queen and other family members. Termites are so secretive that the only time you might see them is when they are reproducing. When they swarm, they have often been referred to as looking like swarming ants.

How Do I Get Rid of Termites?

What Kind of Damage Can They Do?

Termites can cause extensive damage to homes and that is why they need to be eliminated as soon as possible. Getting rid of termites is a job that requires skills, patience and a knowledge of how these pesky insects work, live and breed because they are well hidden and getting access to them is often difficult and frustrating. In addition, termite control equipment is specialized; using such machines as pumps, masonry drills, large-capacity tanks and soil treatment rods. Using such equipment requires a professional who knows exactly what to do.

Licensed exterminators are trained to inspect your home and check its construction in order to locate the termite infestation area and then take a course of action that will effectively eliminate the termite problem. It's important to note that termites multiply quickly and can cause serious damage in a very short period of time. That is all the more reason to act quickly and protect your home.

If you live in the Baton Rouge area and would like a recommendation for a reliable professional you can trust call Spencer Maxcy of Advanced Building Inspections. You can reach this qualifed inspector at (225) 268-8307.

What can I do About My Termite Problem?

An example of a treatment plan may involve many gallons of liquid pesticide such as termiticide. Termiticide is poured into the ground beside the foundation of the home, underneath concrete slabs and inside the foundation walls of a home. With such an operation, it is best to seek the help of professionals, for they know exactly what to do and how to eliminate termites from your home or other property.

How Do I Choose the Right Company?

Before choosing a termite company, make sure that they are licensed by the Department of Agriculture or another such agency that is responsible for taking care of termite control in the state. References should also be available and if they are a member in the state pest control association, they will have better access to training and technical information that is necessary to do the job efficiently and professionally. And, this will be a plus factor for you in getter better quality service. Want more tips? Call Spencer Maxcy of Advanced Building Inspections. You can reach this qualifed inspector at (225) 268-8307. If Spencer can't solve your problem directly, he can refer you to the professional that can.

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